Jumat, 18 November 2016

Turmeric can abort the womb

Turmeric is a plant used as a herb or spices - spices and herbs. Turmeric itself is often called by the name of turmeric in some areas in Indonesia. These plants come from countries in Southeast Asia and is known for some properties such as to beautify the skin as well as drinks guard health.

But in our article cara menggugurkan janin this time, we try to discuss about the other benefits of turmeric. Here, let's try to figure out how to abort with turmeric, which you could say this is one kind of natural way used for the abortion process.

Turmeric can abort the womb

Some people would ask - ask it true that turmeric may abort. If we look beyond what is contained in this one herbal plants. apparently there are some chemical substances contained in turmeric plant.

Turmeric can abort the womb

Turmeric from Indonesia country turned out to contain a compound that is efficacious as a medicinal plant, commonly say the name kurkuminoid consisting of desmetoksikumin by 10% and also contains curcumin and bisdesmetoksikurkumin of 1-5% and not only that, there are also other substances essential oils are beneficial as we know this substance consists of turmeron, Ketone sesquiterpenm tumeon as much as 60%, zingiberen as much as 25%, sabinen, felandrenm sineil and borneol. Turmeric also contain as much as 1 -3% fat, carbohydrates as much as 3%, 30% Protein, Starch 8%, 45-55% Vitamin C and mineral salts, namely iron, phosphorus, and calcium.

How to abort With Turmeric

From some of the substances mentioned above, there are some that actually can cause miscarriage for a woman who is pregnant. This is of course if turmeric is consumed excessively. So if you want to perform the abortion process manner with turmeric abort their own, you must be willing to consume turmeric in large doses.

Before you decide to do this way, maybe you need to first cara mengugurkan kandungan mengtahui hazards that will result or a side effect of how to abort with turmeric yes. The following are the dangers and side effects.

Dangers of abortion With Turmeric

Stomach pain - After you do this the way in which you should consume turmeric prone to excess in a short time then this can cause your stomach is eroded by the substances contained in turmeric.
Turmeric Could not absorbed body - Absolutely, turmeric is very difficult to be absorbed in the body, this will certainly lead to deposition of harmful substances in the body. Therefore, when you use the way with turmeric abort you must add piperine in the recipe.
Bleeding - Turmeric is known to inhibit platelet clumping in this case can prevent blood clots. However turmeric turns out also can cause bleeding. It's important to take the rules or the right dose when taking turmeric to avoid these side effects.
How to abort Safe
If the way to abort with turmeric is dangerous then we strongly encourage you to do the abortion process using only medical drugs that have been proven and registered with the Indonesian state health agencies. If you want to buy the abortion drug is genuine and safe for your health please contact us at the numbers already listed in this wab. Because we Sell Drugs Abortion for you and ready to COD.